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Set up vector icons for categories

One of the best Kunena features is using of category icons to tell any registered user if there are any posts in this category, which are unread by him yet.

On this website, though, you may find more sophisticated templates, that use more icons than usual. To use those icons, you will have to edit your Categories and add icon suffix. All templates for Kunena 5 uses Font Awesome.

What is Font Awesome?

Font Awesome is an iconic font and CSS toolkit that gives a scalable vector icons to be implemented in the site. It provides full support on mobile devices and large monitors. You can add custom icons to the topics with Category Icon.

Step-by-step tutorial

  • Proceed to the Category Manager in Components > Kunena Forum
  • Select a Category that needs a CSS suffix and click on it. Now access Category Name and Description tab.
  • In Category Icon field you can type any of the FA suffixes (see instruction below), to set up the icon.
Note: If you are using both Kunena and Joomla template from RoundTheme, the Font Awesome loads automatically via Joomla template. But if you are using Kunena template with another Joomla template from 3rd party provider, please check out does Font Awesome toolkit is loaded by default. If no, please proceed to Components > Kunena > Templates and open settings of RoundTheme template. Click on "Basic" tab and set the Load External CDN Font awesome param to "Yes".

Icons synthax

Font Awesome toolkit offers more than 675 icons and its number growing. Go to and click on the icon you want to put in Kunena category.

Let it be a pin icon which has fa-thumb-tack synthax. You need to add additional fa before this synthax with space as Category Icon::

	fa fa-thumb-tacks


Font Awesome icon
Get code of Font Awesome Icon

Add category icon in category settings
Add category icon in category settings

Category icon at front-end
Category icon at front-end

Video guide:

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