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Changing the Favicon of Your Site

Favicon is an icon of website that appears in favourites menu, bookmarks or tab of the browser and stands for “your favourite icon”. It is 16x16 pixels in size and for most CMSs it is called favicon.ico. This two step tutorial will teach you how to change favicon of your website.

Step 1. Creating the favicon

Choose an image you’d like to use as your favourite icon and convert it to 16x16 .png image.

Step 2. Converting the .png to favicon.ico

There’s a free online converter here:

Step 3. Changing the favicon of your website

Connect to your website using FTP client and go to your installed Joomla template folder – usually /templates/your-installed-template-name/. Now find there an existing favicon.ico and download it as a backup. After that, delete it and upload your own favicon. Clear your browser’s cache and update your website main page to see if your new favicon is in place.

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