RoundTheme Proprietary Use License

Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project is does not affiliate itself with or endorse RoundTheme.

Products with GPL Elements

All PHP portions of RoundTheme products are licensed under the GNU General Public License v 3.0.

Take caution to understand that most of the images, CSS and other included JavaScript are not covered under the GPL unless specifically stated and are thus released under the RoundTheme Proprietary Use License. When applicable, it will be explicitly specified if some graphical materials or JavaScript code from 3rd party authors are being used. This therefore means that the material is distributed under a free liscense and this allows for personal or commercial use. At no time can any elements (images/css/JS, etc) of the products released under the RoundTheme Proprietary Use License be redistributed or repackaged for any other use other than what is clearly stated in the Terms of Use.

RoundTheme Proprietary Use License (v1.0)

The RoundTheme Proprietary Use License is GPL compatible and pertains only to images, CSS, and the JavaScript elements that are found within RoundTheme templates, themes, and Joomla styles. Per the GPL 3.0 license, elements that have not been complied together, but are independent of the GPL code and later combined in the client’s browser are not under the GPL themselves. Therefore these images, CSS, and JavaScript elements are copyright by RoundTheme and thusly may be used to meet your or your client’s needs. Simply, a Membership License can be understood as the required authorization for you to use any Round Theme templates or products for clients or 3rd parties. However, you are not allowed to redistribute any of these files by themselves or within a package of another extension that you’ve created without express written permission from RoundTheme. Also, the use of RoundTheme products are bound to the type of membership you hold. You must also adhere to the restrictions detailed fully in our Terms of Use.

The RoundTheme Proprietary Use License will also grant you permission to use any of our products for any purpose as well as allowing you to study how they work and even so that you may adapt them to your needs. No part of any RoundTheme product is encrypted; but you are not allowed to redistribute or reuse these products in whole or in part whether they be modified or unmodified without firstly getting written consent from RoundTheme.

The right to use these products that are published under the RoundTheme Proprietary Use License is defined by the Terms of Use.

The license is subject to modification without any prior notice. It is up to members to regularly review the license for any changes.