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Apps for ZOO

ZOO is a Content Construction Kit for Joomla! CMS and let you to create own custom content types. You can download latest version and install it as a typical Joomla extension.

Apps for ZOO brings extra new features for building a website (blog app, download app, business directory app and etc.) All our Apps comes with special templates including Bootstrap and Uikit to make App friendly to modern Joomla templates.

The distribution package of our Apps includes:

  • App
  • App package + elements
  • App Templates (Bootstrap, Uikit)
  • Elements for ZOO (provided by NorrNext)
  • Quick-start with pre-installed environment (Joomla, ZOO with App, several free Joomla templates)

You can work with our Apps as with typical ZOO App and configure it and its related elements. All elements coming the package are provided by NorrNext and added exclusively. You can read official announce on NorrNext site.

References on official ZOO documentation:

  • ZOO Official Documentation
  • Install a new App
  • How to Uninstall An App
  • Create a new app instance
  • Extend Pre-build Types
  • Assign Elements to Layout Positions

Here is the full Official Documentation.

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