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What are the benefits of joining the RoundTheme Club?

The immediate benefits you’ll be able to enjoy when you become a RoundTheme Club Member are: the ability to download all existing templates, quickstart packages and their sources, and receive professional support in our user forums. On top of the immediate benefits, you’ll also be eligible to download any and all future templates that are released within your period of subscription.

Can you please describe the differences between Personal, Business, and Developer Plans?

As we know that not all people have the same needs or requirements, we’ve developed three different plans for you to choose based on whatever your needs may be.

A Personal subscription plan will be right for the person who simply wants to work on a personal level. Personal subscription plans will get 3 months access to the download area as well as to the support forum. Personal plans are, however, limited to just two domains.

A Business subscription plan will extend your access period to the download area and support forums to 12 months. A Business plan also allows for use of up to 5 different domains. A small business will find this to be an optimal balance between the 12 month subscription duration and domains offered.

A Developer subscription plan is going to be the best decision you can make if you, yourself, are involved in web development or work in development studios. A Developer plan also allows for a 12 month access to the download area and support forums, but the highlight of this plan is the unlimited licenses for domains.

Which payment methods do you accept?

There are many ways in which you can make a payment. We offer both PayPal and 2Checkout, which are both secure payment options. These options also support major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and so on.

How often are templates going to be added?

Templates will be added as they are completed, and we strive to offer as many diverse and quality templates as we possibly can!

Will I be allowed to upgrade my membership in the future?

Yes! When you log into your account, you’ll notice an “Upgrade Subscription” link that will allow you to upgrade your membership.

Do you offer refunds?

We do offer refunds. In fact, we have a 7-day-money-back policy from the original date of your subscription. During these 7 days, you’ll be able to use any of the products we offer (templates, extensions, etc.). This will allow for plenty of time for you to decide if the products are right for you and, if not, your refund will be processed with no questions asked.

Please note that a refund will be denied in the instance that we detect abuse of our 7-day policy. An example of abuse would be an exceptionally high download rate within the 7 day period.

What happens upon my membership expiring?

When you reach the expiration date of your membership, you will still be able to use the templates that you downloaded previously; but you will not have access to any future updates or have priority support.

I’m unable to access my account even though I’ve already paid!

Firstly, you will have received a confirmation message upon a successful payment. Please ensure that you’ve received it by also checking your “BULK/SPAM” folders. If you haven’t received any confirmation e-mail, then please contact us immediately via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a proof of payment.

Please note that our system will normally create your account after a successful payment. There may be instances where a payment is not automatically successfully processed and will require manual validation.

Do you allow free templates to be used in commercial projects?

You are allowed to use free RoundTheme templates any way you like, whether they are for a personal or commercial project. You are also allowed to customize them in any way so that they better fit your needs – you may even remove the link in the footer. With that, we simply ask that you promote and support the work that was done by allowing the link to remain. On the contrary, our templates may not be used for any websites that will have objectionable material such as crime, violence, pornography, etc.

Will RoundTheme templates be compatible with the latest version of Joomla?

All RoundTheme templates will have been built using Joomla 3.x. Any earlier versions of Joomla such as 2.5 or 1.5 are not supported.

How can I get updates for the templates?

Upon a successful subscription to any of our three offered options, you’ll automatically get free updates. As a member you will gain access to the download are and you will find all updates there during your subscription period. If you’d like to remain up-to-date as to the latest updates, you may join us on our social networks or sign up for our newsletter.

Quickstart packages – what are they?

Simply, quickstart packs are packages that will include all the required files needed to install the latest Joomla version. After installing a quickstart pack, you’ll get an exact look as to what you have seen on our demo server.

Will you allow me to try out a commercial template before buying it?

Sorry, but we do not offer any trial templates. Instead we have put up demo sites for each of our commercial templates so that you may see for yourself what the template will look like. If you have any specific concerns or questions, you may visit the support forums.

I’m short on time; would you be able to install the Quickstart package for me?

Yes, we can. We offer Service Installation for each Joomla template. This will simply mean that the template will be installed as it appears on the demo server. No other customizations or work will be done.

Am I permitted to remove the copyright from the footer template?

Yes, but only for free templates. You are permitted to use free and premium RoundTheme templates for commercial, personal and professional use and are authorized to make any necessary changes to suit you or your clients’ needs.

However, you are not authorized to remove any copyright information found in the "index.php" or XML files in premium templates. This will also apply to any free template that has a license that does not allow modifications to be made. Should you need to remove the copyright information, you must have a "Developer Membership" on the RoundTheme website. Please note that .PSD files are not always provided as part of commercial templates.

What am I able to download upon joining the club?

Members who have a free membership subscription are restricted to only downloading free templates.

Paid memberships allow for extra features, such as the ability to download several other items that are required to set up the theme within minutes or to customize it to better suit your purposes. Paid memberships also allow for the access to premium templates and its quickstart*, .PSD source file** and forum support.

*The quickstart file is an all-included package that contains the files that are needed to set-up the template. This includes the theme file itself as well as the modules particular to that template.

**The .PSD source file contains the Adobe Photoshop files that will allow you to edit any detail found in the template, as well as have the font-file required to edit the "logo.psd" file.

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