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JComments Installation

It’s quite easy to Install JComments – pretty much like any other Joomla extension – but it still has some bottle-neck points. This article was written to make sure you won’t get stuck while installing this amazing extension. Please note, that this article tells you only about installation of JComments - any info about its specific configuration you will have to get from other articles of this resource.

Before you begin installing the extension, you will need to download it from download area at After you are done installing this extension, you may come back for additional JComments plug-ins and extensions, but they are not the point of the article.

Also make sure that following directories of your website have 755 permission:

  • /administrator/components/
  • /components/
  • /plugins/content/
  • /plugins/editors-xtd/
  • /plugins/search/
  • /plugins/system/
  • /plugins/user/
  • /language/en-GB/

Now the installation may begin. Go to the Extension Manager at your Joomla website Administration Panel. There are two ways you may go from here.

Way 1. Installing JComments from File

After downloading the package, go to your website administration page. After that, select Install\Uninstall from Extensions drop-down menu. You will be faced with three choices – install by package, by folder or by URL. Choose the first one by pressing Browse button and select archive downloaded in previous step. After that, press Upload File and Install.

Way 2. Installing JComments from Local Folder

This way is similar to the previous one and is necessary only for very specific and weak hosting servers.

After downloading the package, unpack it with any temporary folder (empty). After doing this, go to the Install\Uninstall in the Extensions drop-down menu of you website administration page and press the first Install button. Choose the folder you unpacked your package into.

Way 3. Installing JComments from Web Directory

This is a nice way of installing when you when you have limits of scripts execution.

After downloading the package, you will need to purge \tmp\ directory in the root of your website. Now extract the package into the folder (like in previous step) and upload all the contents of the folder to the\tmp with the help of any FTP client, SSH or hosting panel manager.

Now come back to Extension Manager and put the address\tmp into the field under Install from directory option. Press Install.

Way 4. Installation from JED (Joomla 3.1+ only)

Joomla 3.1 brought a new mechanism of adding extensions, similar to Steam, AppStore and GooglePlay.

If you do not have this Joomla feature yet, you must add “Install from Web” by clicking on the button with the same name.

Now search for JComments from your Extensions Manager on the Administration Panel and install it.

Successful JComments installation
Successful JComments installation

Whatever way you have chosen, you are done now. Congratulations!

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