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Joomla site template makes a mess of Kunena

Joomla market has ten thousands of templates and its number is growing. Most of modern templates from template providers are based on template frameworks which includes front-end frameworks. There are lot of solutions and template developers chooses the ones what are the best for them. Modern templates are complicated and has many in-built features with styles for core Joomla components, but it will be appreciated that 3rd party extensions comes with its own templates which may cause incompatibility between the component and Joomla templates (e.g. the component has a template based on Bootstrap 3), but Joomla template is based on Bootstrap 2 and etc.). You have to plan a site development at the early stage and check out the requirements of products you’re going to use.

What front-end frameworks are in use in Joomla templates?

  • Bootstrap 2
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Bootstrap 4 (it is still beta, soon to be a new trend)
  • Uikit 2
  • Uikit 3
  • Not listed framework
  • No framework

What you have to bear in mind?

  • Joomla 3.x UI is based on Bootstrap 2 framework.
  • Gantry 5 template framework uses customized Bootstrap 2
  • T3 framework uses customized Bootstrap 3
  • Warp 7 framework uses Uikit 2
  • YooTheme Pro framework uses Uikit 3

As a result, it is impossible to provide full support with all existing frameworks. All RoundTheme templates for Kunena 5.x comes as a complex and standalone solution and includes Kunena and Joomla templates, so you can launch a community driven forum on Joomla.

We can guarantee our templates works as standalone solution for Kunena forum.

Note: RoundTheme templates for Kunena 5.x will not work with Bootstrap 3 framework! If you are using Joomla template from 3rd party provider, just check out template technical requirements.

Compatible frameworks

Here is the list of frameworks that works correctly with RoundTheme Kunena templates:

  • All Bootstrap 2 based templates
  • Gantry 5
  • Uikit

How to fix your problems

If your Joomla tempalte is totally incompatible to Kunena template, then you have to choose another Joomla template.

More information:

Article on official Kunena site: My Joomla site template makes a mess of Kunena

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