Server Performance Optimisation

Fast site is what everybody needs, but it requires technical knowledge to perform set of actions to optimise the site on back-end and front-end side. Trust this work to experts and focus yourself on the site.

Boost your Joomla! Based Site and Optimise Size of Pages

The fast running site provides a great user experience, gives the site a higher ranking in search engines and makes it more friendly to gadgets where page loading speed matters. To reach such result we perform complex tuning at front-end side which includes complex analysis, scripts and styles minifying, site configuration and its maintenance and finally site optimization to its max. As a result, your site will show a high performance and give fast loading speed.

Complex audit

Analysis of your page's speed performance, used extensions at front-end and server configuration at back-end.

Apache tweaking

Apache performance tuning to take advantage of the hardware and OS capabilities to keep the balance between portability, flexibility and performance.

Web server caching

nginx installation and its complex configuration to provide more predictable performance under load. A server (back-end) side work.

Mysql maintenance

Server maintenance of Mysql database (buffer size, query caching, table optimisation) to cache processes and boost the interaction with other services.


PHP caching module (XCache, eAccelerator). We will install & configure a PHP accelerator which is the best to meet your server environment.

Front-end optimisation

Optional merging and compressing CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files as well as scripts overload stripping (e.g. library included twice)

SSL Implementation

Implementation of SSL for your site requires generation a key and CSR to add the fresh SSL certificate to the webserver configuration. We will do it for you.

OS tuning

Complex optimisation of all necessary OS settings & server environment that requires the installation of some Linux tools before they get useful.

For best result it is recommended to make complex back-end tuning (server side) along with front-end.

Services Overview

If you have any specific requirements please fill in the form above. The more details you provide us, the better we will understand all your needs and give you exact price. Confidence of all the information is guaranteed. We will provide you with our price within 24 hours after your requirements received.