Welcome to RoundTheme club!

Welcome to RoundTheme club!

By Eugene Sivokon Monday, 24 March 2014 Posted in Templates

Two concepts dominant our operating philosophy: product quality and customer support.

Our products are designed with you in mind, as we put much importance on developing products that allow for any customer to use, regardless if you’re an expert programmer, or one that only knows the basics. Taking this into account, we believe the code needs to be clean and organized; therefore, to us, every line of code inside our product is very important.

We completely understand that customer support is extremely important for you. We share your expectation that a response should be speedy and helpful. With that in mind, we continue to keep our promise of a 36-hour response to you guaranteed. Your satisfaction with the product is our primary concern.

What we have:

The RoundTheme Club is here to provide modern templates to the Joomla community. We happily offer quick and professional support to those members who have a paid subscription plan through our support forums.

The blog and product documentation

Firstly, we chose our blog articles based on our existing customer’s requests. We completely understand there could be potential problems; therefore we strive to keep you updated in future articles and continue to offer support.

Secondly, our documentation is created to allow you to use our product easily as well as clearly understand it so you may become engaged into our products more quickly.

Finally, from our blog, you can expect to read about a products release, important updates, future plans and any special program promotions we may have. As of today, we’ve simply started a blog with topics we believe you to be interested in. But, as this is just the beginning, we’d appreciate to hear your ideas concerning future blog topics. Have something interesting on your mind? Don’t hesitate to let us know through our comment box!

We invite you to our world!

We look forward to offering you high quality templates with hope that you’ll be pleased with the content you’ll be receiving.

To stay informed about our latest blogs, releases or events, follow us on our Twitter channel!

Yours, RoundTheme Team

Eugene Sivokon

Executive manager, web developer, and Joomla enthusiast. He has been a part of and worked in many of the major web development roles over his 11 years, taking on various projects. Personal site: eugenesivokon.com