JoomlaDay Russia 2014

RoundTheme goes to JoomlaDay Russia 2014

By Eugene Sivokon Sunday, 22 June 2014

Everyone who is using or working with Joomla® is interested in JoomlaDay™ event.

Visiting this event means taking a part in a really historical moment since it’s the first JoomlaDay in Russia.

RoundTheme club is a competition sponsor.

JoomlaDay 2014 Russia - the program:

26th of June, Moscow, the best of the best of Russian Joomla developers will meet in a big hall (1500 m2) of co-working area “Svobodnoe Plavanie”, so the new features of CMS Joomla will be demonstrated to the auditory, the speakers will tell us about actual trends and advantages of Joomla for straight website development, also some insides and solutions of development processes that leads into successful projects built with Joomla will be revealed.

The JoomlaDay Russia program includes some thematic sections with kind of reports that were chosen to cover entire process of working with the website, from projecting to redesign and updating:

  • Presentation of Joomla 3.3 new features
  • Website design with Joomla from free templates to custom development
  • SEO for Joomla based websites
  • Complex data structure. Using CCK for Joomla
  • Social networks for Joomla and user data management
  • Website security for Joomla websites
  • eCommerce and organizing the subscription for a website
  • Custom development for Joomla

Detailed schedule of the program is available here:

Announce on official Joomla events section.

The confirmed speakers are authoritative experts from Russian Joomla community and representatives of leading companies and development teams using CMS Joomla.

The spokespersons:

  • Sarah Watz
    Incumbent President of Open Source Matters, inc, who took office in April, 2014. The main goal of Sarah is successful development and the Joomla popularization with internalization of the platform, close interaction with local communities and building entire informational field and Joomla promotion in professional web-developent environment and increasing the value of the platform globally.
  • Gev Balyan
    CEO of Bang2Joom — the company that provides professional Joomla templates and extensions development and creates websites based on Joomla. Gev is a lead developer of paGO Commerce (e-commerce extension for Joomla) in cooperation with corePHP club.
  • Alexander Bakulin He’s involved in IT since 2000 and has great work experience as beta-tester, programmer, team leader and project manager. Alexander is a owner and creates hard and non-standard solutions for Joomla.
  • Vasiliy Asmuz
    He has been working in web-development from 2002. The CEO of LAONEY Design studio. He has acquired great experience in creating convenient and functional websites.
  • Vio Cassel
    Professional web-developer and co-founder of Russian Seblod community. Vio can do magic things with Joomla! + Seblod + UIKit.
  • Vitaly Kulikov
    Author of video lessons about CMS Joomla and leader of portal that consists of video instructions about Joomla maintenance in Russian.
  • Vadim Kunitsyn
    Joomla extensions developer and the CEO of JoomLine - the leading development team of Joomla extensions in Russia.
  • Alexander Kurteev
    Author of education programs and video courses about CMS Joomla. He’s the founder of the centre of Joomla education.
  • Maxim Lagutin
    Informational security guru, CEO of SiteSecure.
  • Artem Lebsak
    Professional web-developer involved to web from 2000 year. The founder and leader of Joomru company.
  • Dmitri Lukyan
    “L.D.M. & co” founder and main developer of Ksenmart - functional commerce solution for Joomla.
  • Serge Mochalov
    SEO specialist, leader of «PROweb consulting» - SEO & web-development agency.
  • Denis Ryabov
    Lead Developer of MobileJoomla.
  • Eugene Sivokon
    RoundTheme club founder, CEO of Round Interactive studio, co-founder and team leader. He’s involved in startups engineering. Expert of web-development and Internet projects development.
  • Alexey Shishkin
    UX / UI expert, editor-in-chief and leader of portal, CEO of Redsoft agency - the leading Russian company in project development for CMS Joomla.

RoundTheme is a competition partner of JoomlaDay Russia 2014 and we’re proud to support such an event! I’ll speak as a spokesman so I’m very excited and preparing for JoomlaDay, I hope it’ll be a great event!

It’s encouraged to ask each speaker questions and to talk informally personally during the breaks or at the party after that will take place at the first onset after finishing official part of JoomlaDay.

The JoomlaDay Russia 2014 organizers - Artem Lebsak and Anastasia Belostotskaya from the Russian House of Joomla! are full of gratitude to the event golden sponsors whose financial support made this event possible.

Buying the ticket at JoomlaDay Russia

The ticket price for the first JoomlaDay in Russia is just 1200 rubles (without discount). The promo codes can be granted by event partners. Btw, those who have read this announcement until this place may get 20% discount from basic price of Professional ticket.

Our promo code is:

Joomla!Day RoundTheme

Just use Joomla!Day RoundTheme promo code at online registration form.

Each Joomla community member may support the event organization personally by getting Professional ticket or by purchasing a Brand ticket on behalf of club / company - in this way the orgamizets guaranteed will host information about you on official JoomlaDay Russia and personally will thank at the event.

JoomlaDay Russia is a perfect way to extend the circle of professional contacts, to get answers on questions you didn’t know, to meet new features or just to have fun in a company of new friends and supporters since making websites with CMS Joomla is cool!

The venue: a large hall of co-working centre is called «Svobodnoe Plavanie» and it offers all necessary things that can be requested at professional IT event. A perfect place to meet professionals.

Date: 26th of July, 2014, 09.00 - 21.00

Address: Warsaw's roadway (Varshavskoe shosse) 28 A, Nagatinskaya subway station, Moscow, Russia. "Svobodnoe Plavanie" co-working centre.

Feel free to buy Joomla!Day participant ticket at official website of the event:

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