Setup emoticons pack for JComments dark templates

Setup emoticons pack for JComments dark templates

By Eugene Sivokon Tuesday, 07 October 2014

Smilies has become very important to the Internet and you may notice this, as they are being used almost everywhere – on forums, in chats, even in entertainment articles. They begin as simple text form, like :-) and :-(, but very soon there were thousands of graphic smilies, most commonly referred to as emoticons. But unfortunately, default emoticons can be used only in light templates of JComments, since they are saved as a .gif files and do not support transparency.

JComments emoticons set at dark template
Standard JComments emoticons set at dark template

But .png files is a solution and since you are using dark template, this may a good time to change this boring .gif default smilies pack, that have not changed since the first release of JComments to a brand new .png one!

We recommend you Human O2 Emoticons - they look great at JComments dark templates. If you are interested, here's a short information:

Download Human O2 Emotes for JComments

Feel free to download the smiley archive for JComments. Download link

Now, let’s begin! The archive have set of .png emoticons and you must extract the archive to the following folder: /root/components/com_jcomments/images/smilies/
After you are done, new emoticons are located at /smilies/ folder.

Now it’s time to tell JComments that it actually has to use new smilies instead of the old ones. To do so, go to Components > JComments > Smilies.

You will see a list of default smilies. Now you have to change them manually one by one. Click on the first smile (it is called “Laugh”) and you will see the edit form. Some smilies have another name and a few are missing and we need to disable them. Here is a correspondence table:

Old name New name New code
Rolleyes Facepalm :facepalm:
Whistling Kiss :-{}
Shocked Smirk :-,
Sleeping - -
Unsure - -
Human O2 emoticons looks better on JComments dark template
Human O2 emoticons looks nice on dark template

Good luck with new emoticons!

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