Pricing policy have updated: now you can buy single products

Pricing policy have updated: now you can buy single products

By Eugene Sivokon Friday, 09 October 2015

Dear customers, we have updated pricing policy to make our products more accessible to the end client. Now you can buy single products for really lesser price as well as choose subscription plans.

Prices on single products:

Type of product Price
Kunena templates $15
AcyMailing templates $10
JComments templates $10
Kunena extensions $15
During 6 months you will get technical support and updates for single products.

Subscriptions plans aren’t changed, so you can take any of required one or get a bundle pack:

Type of product Price on subscription plans
Templates $39 / $59 / $149
Extensions $39 / $59 / $149
Bundle packs $66 / $99 / $199

Refund policy have changed

All products are professionally made, have clean code and most of them comes with live demo, so the client can see and estimate how templates and extensions looks like and its features and finally decide could the selected product cover their needs. There is no refund now.

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