Kunena 4.0.8: maintenance release

Kunena 4.0.8: maintenance release

By Eugene Sivokon Friday, 15 January 2016

Developer team have announced Kunena 4.0.8 release which consist fixes of 12 founded issues and is available to download from official repository. It’s maintenance release.

Important changes:

  • Change exif check to mime
  • Confidential information is showed in email
  • Fix Personal message on Community Builder Plugin
  • Topic icons were improved
  • “Powered by” link is missing in Blue Eagle
  • COM_KUNENA_THANKYOU_MORE_USERS language string is missing in Crypsis
  • Update java script in edit.js
  • Clean cache after installation process
  • Users can vote in poll without required permissions
  • Send PM from profile page
  • And some other improvements

We’re working on updating our Kunena templates to add necessary fixes and keep up full compatibility with Kunena 4.0.8. Watch for recent news concerning further updates.

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