Kunena 3.0.6 is released (security release!)

Kunena 3.0.6 is released (security release!)

By Eugene Sivokon Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Important note: the dev team has released Kunena 3.0.6 that contains important fix of XSS vulnerability and SQL injection that were found in all previous Kunena 3.x versions, so it’s important to update immediately your component to latest stable Kunena 3.0.6 to avoid potential security problems.

Download Kunena 3.0.6

If you’re going to update existing version of Kunena for the first time, please read this tutorial: Kunena upgrading guide

Also Kunena language pack (with rest of the languages) was updated, so if you’re using non-English language, you may download updated language pack and install it.

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