Portfolio App for ZOO

Compatibility: ZOO 3.3.*


This creative App for ZOO let you to organize nice portfolio on your site and represent your projects in its best way. Dynamical effects, ergonomic UX / UI design and lot of settings give you an ability to extend your site and make it looks more professional. This App is ideal for freelancer, photographer or artist site.

Portfolio App for ZOO works natively with Bootstrap 3 & Uikit templates (two layouts included) and comes with several in-built ZOO elements which provides slideshow carousel and social features.

The App has flexible settings and let you to build various portfolio pages according to your requirements and aesthetic taste.

Quick information:

  • Last Update: 11 November 2016
  • License: Commercial
  • Change log: View Changes
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Key features:

Portfolio App for ZOO - frontpage

App main page layout:

Portfolio Frontpage has quick nagivation - there are buttons with links to portfolio categories (standard ZOO categories). These links are part of the page and will not be displayed if no items are created. No nested categories - they are dispalying in flat mode.

Portfolio items are displayed in columns (up to 4 items per column) with order according to the selected parameter (Creation Date, Hits, Modification Date, Name, Publish Down Date, Publish Up Date and custom), there is also order according to the vertical (down) or horizontal (across) direction.

Each item can have teaser image, lightbox image, title and thus a link on full image view as well as a link on image (for lightbox) if no path is specified.

Global setings

You can set Item Media Alignment parameter by default and override it in each portfolio item. Layout full page depends on this parameter.

There are various elements in Portfolio App that use different plugins that are required to include custom JS and CSS files. For best result you can manage theirs include via global settings and override it via elements. In this way you can include Magnific Popop Plugin within entire site and disable it in the custom elements to avoid the duplicate loading. You can find this example in quickstart.

Portfolio App for ZOO - global settings

Bootstrap settings:

  • Include Font Awesome
  • Include Booststrap CSS
  • Include Booststrap JS
  • Include Owl Plugin
  • Include Magnific Popup Plugin

Uikit settings:

  • Include Font Awesome
  • Include Uikit CSS
  • Include Uikit JS
  • Include Owl Plugin
  • Include Magnific Popup Plugin

Wireframe Frontpage

The schema of wireframe frontpage with list of items:

Wireframe Full Page

The schema of Portfolio Item page with content and related author's projects:

Items Media Alignment in Portfolio App for ZOO

It is easy to change Full Page layout using "Item Media Alignment" parameter (see demo). Variations:

  • Left
  • Top
  • Above Title

Above Title

For the image you can set additional URL on lightbox. Besides that you can use the following features instead of static image:

  • Gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Video

It is possible to assign an author to any portfolio item. Author is an additional item type that displays information about the author. Portfolio items (My Items) can be assigned to the author to be displayed in grid mode below author's information.

Full Page has a lot of predefined fields:

  • Title - title of the project
  • Creation Date - date of page creation
  • Author - URL on Author's page
  • Teaser Image (Simpleimage)
  • Full Image (Simpleimage)
  • Video (Media)
  • Slideshow Magic Slideshow element from NorrNext
  • Previous/Next Link - exteneded element with link on frontpage
  • Date (Date) - date of project release
  • Customer (Text)
  • Objective (Textarea)
  • Download Button (Download)
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Description (Gridtextarea) - extended Textarea field with new feature to divide fields on columns (each added field will be a column)
  • Launch Project (linkbutton)
  • Social Share (Social Share)
  • Grid Images - Magic Slideshow element from NorrNext
  • Related Posts (Related Items) - customized Slideshow layout
  • Open Graph - element from NorrNext

Compatible with modern Joomla templates

ZOO comes with simple template layout and its Apps need to be compatible with modern Joomla template where front-end framework included. Some template developers provides a support for standard ZOO Apps in their templates, but it's limited within each product. In most cases the App require a new markup to meet Joomla template technical requirements.

Bootstrap and Uikit native support

Portfolio App for ZOO natively supports modern Twitter Bootstrap 3 and Uikit that makes this Blog App compatible with lot of modern templates where these front-end frameworks are in use. Layout customization no more needed. Just install this App and enjoy!

Please keep in mind that some Joomla templates may use outdated version of front-end framework (e.g. Bootstrap 2). Portfolio App for ZOO support latest versions of Bootstrap 3 and Uikit.
Responsive design mockup

There are special settings in back-end to force Uikit or Bootstrap 3 to be included (if no front-end framework is loaded from Joomla template). In case of the BS3 it’s also possible to include Font Awesome (optional).

Try out live demo and ensure the power and flexibility of this App before buying the product!

Various Slideshow elements

There are several slideshow elements that provides dynamic effects and display photo gallery or related items. Optionally you can add a mini gallery on portfolio item page based on Magic Slideshow element to extend visualization that is actual when you need to show the project from different sides.

Another appraoch: it's possible to display slideshow carousel with related items that is provided by customized Magic Slideshow element. Each item has "view more" link and external URL in case if you need to redirect user to another site.

A list of related items can be created manually, so you can decide which items should be displayed.

Slideshow of related items in Portfolio App for ZOO

Previous and Next Posts element

Previous and Next Posts element

Added a new All Types param in item prevnext element.

  • If this param is selected the type of a post shall not be taken during navigation on previous / next article.
  • If this param is disabled the previous / next page navigation shall be taken during the types of the posts only.


Blog Pro App for ZOO has the front-end localization on following languages:

  • English
  • Russian

Don't see your language in the list? You can help us with localization and get this App for free. Contact us for details.

Available localizations

Complimentary elements included in the App

The bundle pack includes the following commercial elements for ZOO Content Construction Kit provided by NorrNext:

Magic Slideshow for ZOO

A breathtaking gallery with carousel and slideshow mode. Using this element you can enrich your blog with photo content to be displayed using nice visual effects. It’s easy to create various galleries with custom settings and make your articles attractive & appreciable.

View extension
Social Share for ZOO

Nice buttons to share posts in social networks. A new technology to share post is a much more effective that typical “like” feature. It’s a light-weight that provides fast loading speed and fully responsive to meet mobile standards. There are flexible settings to customize the design.

View extension
Open Graph for ZOO

An important element that adds Open Graph mark-up to make your blog social media friendly in Facebook and Twitter. It automatically adds necessary tags, but you can assign an image and set up meta data for any content item manually. It’s possible to configure Twitter Card Type.

View extension

All these elements are included in the bundle and is a part of Portfolio App for ZOO, so you don’t need to buy them separately. Summary these elements cost 45€, but buying Blog Pro App for ZOO template pack for $25 you save your money and get these elements for free which is profitable deal.
Read more about partnership with NorrNext

What is included in the bundle pack?

The Blog Pro App for ZOO distributive pack comes with the following items to download:


A Joomla installation with 2 templates: Helix3 template and T3 blank template with Bootstrap 3 support and Master Theme 2 with Warp 7.

PKG Blog Pro

Portfolio App for ZOO and all in one elements from NorrNext: Magic Slideshow, Social Share and Open Graph for ZOO.

A perferct solution for blogging with ZOO

Try live demo to examine how Portfolio App for ZOO works with various Joomla frameworks: Helix 3 (Bootstrap 3), T3 framework (Bootstrap 3) and Warp 7 (Uikit).


Version 1.0.1 - 2016-10-06

Bug Fixed Fix FB Count

Version 1.0.0

New Added Initial Release

Flexible configuration

Flexible Configuration

The App have lot of settings to create different configuration for items, force to load framework, override configuration of the elements and create various configurations of the content.

Author's items

Author's items

Any portfolio item can be assigned to author item to be displayed as a grid list below author's information. As result, you can manage which portfolio projects is related to selected author.

Magic Slideshow

Magic Slideshow

A powerful element providing users to insert a gallery into the item and configure it. It comes with carousel and slideshow mode. Also you can create various configurations for any gallery item.

Open Graph markup

Open Graph Markup

Open Graph markup makes articles social media friendly and display images in Facebook and Twitter when you post a link. It's possible to edit OG data for any content item manually or use auto mode.

Reliable Support

Reliable Support

If you have any inquiries and support requests our professional team is ready to provide you reliable support and help to solve questions asap. Do not hesitate to submit your question on the forum.

Social Share

Social Share

Nice buttons using modern share technology to share posts in social media channels will increase the target auditory. It comes with responsive design, light-weight code and provides fast loading speed.

Uikit & Bootstrap 3

Uikit & Bootstrap 3

Native support of popular front-end frameworks nowadays: Twitter Bootstrap and Uikit. it makes this App 100% responsive, friendly to gadgets and compatible to all modern Joomla templates.

Winning design

Winning design

The App has nice UX / UI, comes with gallery and add-ons improving visualization that let you to release elegant and modern portfolio website. It is be best suited for freelancers, photographers, artists & etc.

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