RND Kflyer

Compatibility: Kunena 4.0.12
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Note: this template is compatible to Kunena 4.0 only.


KFlyer is a highly unusual modern template – instead of going for white-and-color or dark basement, we settled for the mix of brown with white and a shade of brownish light grey that is sometimes called “creamy”. These three colors create a design that, while being minimalistic, makes the forum look very unique, still maintaining professional look.

And not the least part of this is due to very clean and unusual thread icons, which were styled to look like minimalistic versions of an actual objects, instead of going for some abstractions.

Quick information:

  • Last Update: 30 October 2016
  • License: Commercial
  • Change log: View Changes
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Version 2.1.5

Bug Fixed Fix Profile Editor (abolished required field)

Version 2.1.4

Bug Fixed Fix Captcha

Version 2.1.3

Bug Fixed Fix Birth Date in Profile.

Version 2.1.2

Bug Fixed Fix Search Bug.

Version 2.1.1

New Added "Allow to let user to change subject on replies".

Version 2.1.0

Bug Fixed Fix unused icons in Editor.

New Added Added dividing line Icons in Editor.

Bug Fixed Fix incorrect display fields and icons in Bootstrap.

Bug Fixed Fix Size Attach Files.

New Added Added three new parameters: unapprove post background, deleted post background, moved post background.

New Added Added support ReCaptcha v.2 + Added new parameter Captcha.

Bug Fixed Minor css fixes.

Bug Fixed Editor error

Version 2.0.1

Bug Fixed Topic icons path

New Added Added system topic icons

Version 2.0.0

Improved Configuration update to Kunena version 4.0

Version 1.3.0

New Added 'Google fonts' toggle parameter

Version 1.2.0

New Added Color Picker for parameters color;

New Added Slogin support;

New Added New parameters: Color Administrator, Color Global moderator, Color Moderator, Color User, Color Guest, Color Banned user, Color Blocked user, Color Offline and Color Online status;

Bug Fixed kunena.default.css and kunena.default.min.css

New Added Added new parameters;

Version 1.1.0

New Added 4 New Style in Template

New Added Custom css file in Template

Improved Update Kunena Forum in QuickStart

Improved Update Joomla in QuickStart

Version 1.0.0

New Added Initial Release

Easy Customize

Easy Customize

Due to extremely powerful and easy to use Kunena customization engine, all of our templates have been handcrafted to perfection and are still available for you to add your own personal touch.

HTML 5 and CSS 3

HTML 5 and CSS 3

These two standards provided us with very flexible and stable foundation for our templates and then our designers pushed them to their limits for both style and availabilities.

Quick Start

Easy to Start

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Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout

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