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Can Topics-auto-closer run multiple instances?

6 years 4 months ago #490 by Josef Zeevi
Is there a way to have more granular control so that the plug-in works one way on a list of chosen topics and another way on a different set of topics?

For example, in our for-sale forum, I'd love to delete posts after 30 days, but in other topics would prefer to lock topics after a certain amount of no activity.

I would assume that (depending on the interface) you'd have the rules run in order so rules that came first would process first, leaving it to the user to specify actions that were previously run wouldn't be run again, for example:

Remove to trash topics over 30 days in "For Sale"
Lock topic over 15 days in "All"

That would not lock topics in "For Sale" that are in the trash.

6 years 4 months ago #492 by Eugene S.
Replied by Eugene S. on topic Can Topics-auto-closer run multiple instances?
Hi Josef,

Thanks for the idea. Topics Auto Closer plugin does not provide the feature you have asked about.
It requires to rebuild the conception to allow users to set custom period of actions for various forum categories.
It's custom task. Maybe we will release it in next version of the plugin.

Best regards,

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