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RND Kcombo - Kunena game template (27 Nov 2017)

RND KCombo is a dark template and is best for game forums. It is also can be used in a lot of sites related to cinema, gaming, book forums and other.

Template Kunena 5.1.1 crashes template RND Kinstance

2 months 1 day ago - 2 months 1 day ago #796 by Wouter NL
Tody I have updated my website to Kunena 5.1.1
After that update, the site is crashing when I open the menu-item Forum.
When I swith to an other tempolate like Crypsisb3, the forum is back again.

But I don't like that template.
I like the RND Kinstance.

So is it possible to update RND Kinstance soon, so it is compatible with the latest Kunena release?

2 months 1 day ago #797 by Dmitry

Can you be more specific - is it some error displayed or...?

Best regards,

2 months 1 day ago #800 by Wouter NL
When I select this template and visit tghe forum page, I see an error page in Firefox which tells me there is an unsupported way of compression ndetected.

2 months 1 day ago - 2 months 1 day ago #801 by Dmitry
That is not a easy and straight forward error to solve. See:

I do not have such error with RND Kinstance on test website (Kunena 5.1.1 and Kinstance 1.2.0).

Is this error only on index page or on all forum pages?


2 months 18 hours ago #802 by Wouter NL
I've checke the settings but there is no gzip compression active.

And ithe error will appear at every kunena URL in combination with the RND Kinstance template.
At the moment I have Crypsisb3 as defauklt template and then Kunena is running well.

2 months 7 hours ago #803 by Dmitry
Well this will take time to check all template files for issues and compare it to default Kunena template. A lot of changes has been made in 5.1.

The main problem here is that on our testing server there is no such error, so we will never know - our changes will fix this particular issue or not :(