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Template unusable with the Astroid framework and no editor

3 years 1 month ago #1215 by Mihaly Marti
I am very disappointed, I bought your last template but I cannot use it ...
I spent hours coding CSS to correct display problems when I realized that I could not use your template: modal windows do not appear, adapting styles for display on mobile phone does not work and in places the styles for the two interfaces are displayed, and finally the template does not offer the loading of the wysiwig editor finally available in Kunena ... This is not very correct because in the description of the template you indicate a display of all the wysiwig buttons:
"... all WYSIWYG buttons and topic icons displays as vector elements with Font Awesome"

If I deactivate the bootstrap CSS the modal windows are displayed but it is not possible to use the content and close the window.
Whether I activate the loading of Bootstrap extended or not does not change anything.

I reset all the CSS styles to the default (I was hiding the elements that didn't work) so that you could see for yourself.
For this you need to connect to the site with the following username and password:

If you have a solution to offer me ...
Tell me if you want me to send you access to site administration.
Thanks for your feedback
3 years 1 month ago #1216 by Mihaly Marti
I revive the subject...
3 years 1 month ago #1217 by Eugene S.
Hello Sarki,
Please read this article:
The problem is because there is a lot of different front-end frameworks:
Uikit2, Uikit3, Bootstrap 2, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4
And there are different versions of Font Awesome: ver.4.x, 5.x.

Since we offer template for 3rd party extension, it is impossible to make it compatible with every Joomla template.|
That's why there are several mentioning on product pages that our Kunena templates are made for Bootstrap 2.
If I am not wrong, Astroid uses Bootstrap 4. Since Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 4 use different classes, there might be issues.
In such a way, I can offer an alternative way: to assign another Joomla template on all forum pages.
E.g. I can send you the template used on the demo:
But it is a minimal template for the forum only.
Or you can use any other template which is compatible with Bootstrap 2.
As for the icons - the template is designed to use Font Awesome 4.x.
So, you need to include FA 4.x at the forum pages and disable FA 5.x at forum pages.

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3 years 1 month ago #1218 by Mihaly Marti
Thank you for the answer.
The problems with this KGlorius template are not only unsolvable script conflicts since you do not offer any adjustment on this subject, and even less the display of icons which is easily correctable, I tested Kglorious on a site created with Yootheme Pro and I also encountered problems including the link of unread messages which leads to a 404 page. But the biggest problem for me which makes your template totally unusable for my project is that it does not integrate the editor wysiwyg from Kunena, if you do not plan to adapt your templates to incorporate this function that many of us have long waited for, then your templates are definitely obsolete, if it had been indicated in the description I would not have bought it, and as I said your description is misleading because you mention wysiwyg buttons... :(
3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #1219 by Eugene S.
Kglorious is a template for 3rd party extension and depends on Joomla template. Thereby, Joomla template should not have a conflict with BS2 framework. Unfortunately, it is impossibe to create additional versions for BS3 and BS4 since it is like designing a new template. The best way now is to assign another Joomla template to forum pages.

There is no layout for Unread page. The same with WYSIWYG editor. These features were included in Kunena component later after we released templates. Unread page layout and implementation of Joomla WYSIWYG editor are added to the roadmap.

Quote from product page:

All WYSIWYG editor buttons are displayed as font that provides high performance and fast loading speed.

It means the Kunena editor and its buttons as it is shown on the screenshot:

This description was created before Kunena team implemented the support of Joomla WYSIWYG editor like TinyMCE.
But I see the word WYSIWYG must be removed at the moment to avoid misunderstanding. I am sorry if the product description confused you.

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3 years 1 month ago #1220 by Mihaly Marti
Hello Eugene,
Thank you for your clarification, no problem, good luck with your project, your templates are nice ;)
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