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RND Kglorious released - new template for Kunena 5 (17 Jul 2017)

RND KGlorious is a high class template that was developed using modern technologies and opens new series of Kunena templates. RND Kglorious has designed as ultimate solution (Kunena and Joomla template) to create standalone-like forums.

Template AQUA is not well displayed in gmail

5 months 3 weeks ago - 5 months 3 weeks ago #478 by fbambio

My english is not good. AQUA template is not centered when we are in gmail. please see attached image. how can i fixe this problem? in yahoo it is well centered but not in gmail.

thank you

4 months 3 weeks ago #480 by sulpher
Hi fbambio,
My apologises for the quite long delay with answer! There was an issue with notification, so I did not receive any notifications and found this topic just now.

I've checked out AQUA template and it works correctly. I can suppose you have accidentally deleted some tags when edited the theme.
Try to check out original theme again and find which tags are missed or reinstall the theme.

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