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RND Kglorious released - new template for Kunena 5 (17 Jul 2017)

RND KGlorious is a high class template that was developed using modern technologies and opens new series of Kunena templates. RND Kglorious has designed as ultimate solution (Kunena and Joomla template) to create standalone-like forums.

Pin first post for Kunena

1 month 4 days ago #507 by Wounton-Wounton-google

"Pin first post for Kunena". The sticking is automatic in all selected categories (and thereby topics)? Or there is a button/option/etc. which controlling its behavior...? And only can I pin only the first comment of topic?


1 month 4 days ago #508 by sulpher
You can specify which categories the plugin should work in. (Default value: All categories)
If you select some categories, all topics from these categories will get pinned post.
Yes, the only first message can be pinned.

P.S. Note: this plugin is designed for Kunena 4.x.

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