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Portfolio App for ZOO released (12 Nov 2016)

This creative App for ZOO let you to organize nice portfolio on your site and represent your projects in its best way. Portfolio App for ZOO works natively with Bootstrap 3 & Uikit templates (two layouts included) and comes with several in-built ZOO elements.

Bootstrap 3 not support - 2

1 year 7 months ago #198 by redlo
Hello, referring to this question > that will not let me add this comment, so the public another post, if I do not solve the problem, I will have to open an incident in paypal.

The template, as this, I do not work properly, and therefore does not serve me, for my page.

Thank you

Life is too short to take it seriously.

1 year 7 months ago #199 by sulpher
Please do not be nervous and read Terms of Use first:

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You have submitted this request in Sunday (day off), now it's in work.

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