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Mouse over issue and black background

5 months 4 days ago #422


I like your demo of this theme and I like the style of the Kelegant template, and I like the way it reacts in the demo when I moved my mouse pointer around. I purchased the template and installed it, and my version reacts so different. There is an annoying mouse over all the time on every ting I am point at, the color turns to black all the time. In the editor window the background is black as well as the background of the toolbar, which makes it hard to see the icons.

You better have to take a look yourself:

Can you help me to get the template to work as expected?

Best regards
Martin Sund

5 months 4 days ago #423

Hello Martin,

Thanks for your request. We've examined your website. These issues occurs due to your Joomla template which comes with additional styles for 3rd party extensions and overrides Kunena styles.

You need to disable or remove additional Kunena style in your Joomla template. This file is located at:
If there is option to disable this additional CSS style in template settings - it's good. Otherwise you can exclude it from the template manually.

Please let me know about your progress. If it will be a bit difficult, you can send us temporary access to your site (FTP, admin) to disable this style.

Kind regards,

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5 months 4 days ago #424

Greate but it I dont know how to do it but I will provide you the ftp access... Thank you for your kinde help!

How can I reply in private with the ftp login credentials?

best regards

Martin Sund

5 months 4 days ago #425

Hi Martin,
Please send FTP access at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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5 months 4 days ago #426

The ftp informations is sent to you by email.