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SSL, mixed content

8 years 11 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #77 by shimei
SSL, mixed content was created by shimei

I just realized my issue only is with the Roundtheme template I am using. My forums shows mixed content so it fails SSL while using Firefox. It appears that the mixed content is do to this, as seen in Firefox console: Blocked loading mixed active content "//,Helvetica,Tahoma,Geneva,Arial,sans-serif"

I definitely need some help here, or I'll have to turn back to the default template for Kunena.

8 years 11 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #79 by shimei
Replied by shimei on topic Re: SSL, mixed content
Edit: I found A file, rnd_kascetic/initialize.php

And saw in line 65 where it said: $document->addStyleSheet( '//'.$googlefont.'' );

I changed that to: $document->addStyleSheet( '//'.$googlefont.'' );

but now, although it shows SSL compliant, a 400 bad request is showing in Firefox console.
8 years 11 months ago #80 by Eugene S.
Replied by Eugene S. on topic Re: SSL, mixed content
Hello William,
The problem you've described above is related to wrong settings with font family.
You don't need to change anything in the code of template files like initialize.php :-) Since the problem is not in the template itself, it's happen because of wrong syntax of font family. So, please check out googlefont= param in the template back-end settings in Kunena > Templates.

Kascetic template uses 'Lato', sans-serif font by default, but you've replaced it to Roboto with a wrong syntax.
The correct param should be like this:
font="'Roboto', sans-serif"
fontheaders="'Roboto', sans-serif"

Please check out your template settings. Since you're using another external fonts UbuntuRegular and OrbitronMedium, you may include them instead of Roboto.

Yesterday we've released updates of all templates . I recommend you to update template to its latest version. Please note that back-end settings will be overwritten (params.ini file) and you have to set up settings once again, so you may just make back-up of current params.ini file and replace it after updating. Also if you changed something in the template, it may be lost because of files overwriting.

If you get a difficulty with solving this problem, you may provide credentials to your website and I'll make a fix.

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