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RND Kcombo - Kunena game template (27 Nov 2017)

RND KCombo is a dark template and is best for game forums. It is also can be used in a lot of sites related to cinema, gaming, book forums and other.

Bug for SSL

2 years 5 months ago #313 by kirblam
Hey, this issue may extend to other templates. I didn't install the latest version of Kascetic *but* I downloaded it, unzipped it and found the same issue.

In initialize.php:
$document->addStyleSheet( ''.$googlefont .'' );

The hardcoding of 'http' means that any kunena page responding with HTTPS will show issues. Depending on the browser, it may not even try to render it.

Changing to
$document->addStyleSheet( '//'.$googlefont.'' );
...appears to fix the issue but if that's not good enough, you could detect the protocol and prepend 'https:' or 'http:' accordingly.


2 years 5 months ago #314 by Eugene S.
Dear JK,
Thank you very much for reporting about this issue.
All templates just been updated with this fix.

Have a nice day!

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