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Letters in "Search" showing differently

8 years 7 months ago #104 by blackwolfie
Letters in "Search" showing differently was created by blackwolfie
I've just purchased your Kamethyst template for Kunena and I'm extremely happy with it. However I noticed that my forum in "Search" is a bit different from your demo and I'm wondering if it's a bug or perhaps I have done something to cause this. Please have a look:

As you can see the letters are much smaller, darker and there is a white line for some reason. My website is:

Do you have any idea what has caused this and how to make it like yours?
8 years 7 months ago #105 by blackwolfie
Replied by blackwolfie on topic Re: Letters in "Search" showing differently
Screenshot attached.
8 years 7 months ago #106 by shtier
Hello blackwolfie,
Thanks for your estimation of our template. We are glad to hear you like it :simple_smile:
So, as concerning issues you've figured out above, here are answers:
1. Small size of the text in search box - It's happen because global font size is set to 75% in your Joomla template:
/ * Set font style for body * /
body {
font-family: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;
font-size: 75%;

2. Legend text in the form differs. Thanks for information. We'll fix it in next update. But now here is the solution:
You can make a little changes in Kamethyst template:

or in your Joomla template /templates/jsn_megazine_pro/css/custom.css
and add following code:
#Kunena legend {
   color: #999;
   border-bottom: none;
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