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Problem with Recaptcha v2

5 years 2 days ago - 5 years 2 days ago #873 by Wiktor Kalita
Problem with Recaptcha v2 was created by Wiktor Kalita
1. Recaptcha v2 is invisible on the comments form.

2. How to change the color of the buttons from blue to burgundy?

3. Inserting the invisible Recaptcha (very desirable)

Thank you for your help! Kamil.
4 years 11 months ago #876 by Eugene S.
Replied by Eugene S. on topic Problem with Recaptcha v2
Hello Kamil,
1. As far as I know, the official JComments has no Google Captcha support.
We are using a fork of JComments that supports Google Captcha v.2 and is PHP7 compliant.

But it seems our templates should be updated for Google Captcha support.
Try to patch the following file:
Find lines 126-135:

		if ($this->getVar('comments-form-captcha', 0) == 1) {
			$html = $this->getVar('comments-form-captcha-html');
			if ($html != '') {
				echo $html;
			} else {
				$link = JCommentsFactory::getLink('captcha');

And replace them to:
		if ($this->getVar('comments-form-captcha', 0) == 1) {
			$html = $this->getVar('comments-form-captcha-html');
            if ($html == 'recaptcha') {
                    // Recaptcha
                $recaptcha = JCaptcha::getInstance('recaptcha', array('namespace' => 'anything'));
                echo $recaptcha->display('recaptcha', 'dynamic_recaptcha_1','g-recaptcha');
			elseif ($html != '') {

2. You need to customize CSS here:
Find colors:
#6493BD - button
#51789B - hover button
And replace these colors on yours.

3. Invisible Captcha is Google Captcha ver.3.0. I do not know such a fork of JComments.
Recently official JComments 3.0.7 was released, but its code is not refactored to meet PHP7 standards and I we do not use it.
Please contact a component developer and send him a feature request.

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